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"Bring yourself into conscious movement, and you will find that new doorways spontaneously open to unseen possibilities."

Jacqueline Rubinstein

Move with Ease: The Feldenkrais Method

Jacqueline Rubinstein is dedicated to creative, powerful, healing movement that makes you feel good. She has been a mover and a shaker in the Improvisational Dance and Feldenkrais Method scenes since 2004. She is the proud director of SomaSpace: Movement Arts & Healing Center, and Move With Ease, her Chronic Pain & Repetitive Injury Recovery Practice.

She has been dancing since 1994 and really fell deeply in love with the innovative and life-affirming world of Improvisational Movement in 2003. Completing a degree in Improvisationally-based Choreography at Wesleyan University gave Jacqueline a strong foundation in teaching creative movement to folks with diverse backgrounds. She has led hundreds of creative and somatic movement classes.

After a severe concussion and a pinched nerve, Jacqueline was incredibly blessed to find the Feldenkrais Method. Lost and frustrated after all the traditional Western forms of healing were insufficient, she tried an introductory Feldenkrais workshop on a whim, and she fell in love!

The powerfully gentle and insightful somatic education of the Feldenkrais Method has been an incredible learning journey, leading her to become a practitioner and open her Feldenkrais practice, Move With Ease, in Portland, Oregon in 2011. She also serves as the Outreach Director for the Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Programs.

She specializes in helping folks suffering from chronic pain and repetitive injuries to make foundational changes to their movement patterns creating fundamental, lasting relief in many aspects of their lives. For more information about Move With Ease, please visit:

Combining her passions for Improvisational Movement and the Feldenkrais Method, housed in the gorgeous SomaSpace studio, has been a dream come true! Balancing the gentle, slow, Ying-quality movements of Feldenkrais with the limitless, creative, Yang-quality movements of Improvisational Movement has brought great joy and healing to Jacqueline’s life, and she looks forward to sharing her passion with you through her classes, events, and individual sessions.

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Marissa Leigh

Marissa Leigh is a sound healer, Reiki Master-Teacher, sacred ceremony holder and song-keeper whose passion is in providing people with a restful and nourishing space to return home to themselves.

She discovered sound healing, Reiki, yoga and meditation at a critical time when her life was seriously lacking magic and joy and she was experiencing constant anxiety. These amazing practices were miraculously all introduced to her in the same week and helped her open her heart, allowing her to feel the magic of the world around and within her where previously had been skepticism and disconnection. She began a deep journey into exploring her inner world, past traumas and conditioned behaviors in a life-altering way and her anxiety and disconnected feelings gradually melted away. 
She became certified as a Reiki Master and committed herself to using this medicine to help others. Many intensive meditation retreats taught her the deep importance of self-awareness and the freedom we have when we welcome all of our emotions, thoughts and body experiences without resistance. She incorporates this knowledge and understanding into her practice as well as the use of 8 crystal singing bowls, shamanic practices, crystal healing, sacred ritual and song. She provides gentle guidance for individuals to open fully to themselves to allow their bodies, minds and hearts to heal what they feel must be healed. This looks different for everyone but is in essence allowing ourselves to return fully to experiencing the joy of our true being exactly as it is.


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“My vision in this world is for all beings of humanity to be empowered by the recognition that we are Nature. Through making choices in health that reflect the movements of Nature- we can achieve and maintain the natural rhythm that enables each one of us to flourish.”

Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan McLaughlin, L.Ac., a practitioner of classical Chinese Medicine, is dedicated to creating individualized treatments that harness and compliment the innate healing wisdom and mechanisms of the body. Utilizing acupuncture, bodywork, cranial sacral, shiatsu, qi gong, herbal medicine and food recommendations, Ryan gently and directly addresses underlying patterns in the body that are contributing to the myriad of symptoms that may bring a person in for care. Ryan is passionate about guiding patients back into deeper connection with their bodies, community and natural world, as they find the trail back to feeling empowered to care for their own health.

Ryan earned a Masters of Science of Oriental Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine, is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and is licensed by the Oregon Medical Board. After graduation, she began a residency at the private clinic of Heiner Fruehauf- the founder of the Chinese medicine program at NCNM- where he specializes in chronic parasitism, Lyme disease, autoimmune and digestive disorders, cancer care, and degenerative lung diseases. She continues to practice at his clinic in Corbett, and integrates this training with her body oriented treatments.

Aside from practicing Chinese medicine- Ryan loves to spend her time adventuring amidst the trails, rocks, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, playing with the flow arts, making medicines, or spending time at home with her dog, goats, and garden.

To schedule an appointment with Ryan please call: 971-220-8839 or e-mail

Barbu Panaitescu

Barbu Panaitescu, RCST, RYT-700, has been practicing and studying mindful movement, somatic awareness and various healing therapies since 2004, when chronic back and knee pain and psycho-spiritual troubles became too serious for him to ignore. Beginning initially with Reiki, shamanic healing and body-based psychotherapy, Barbu began to experience some relief. A deep curiosity and longing to better understand anatomy and neurobiology led him to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) training with Franklyn Sills, a pioneer in the field, and to this beautiful form of therapy that integrates science, deep empathy and spirituality, as it is based in both osteopathic medicine and universal principles of inter-connectedness.

This is what he offers today, drawing from a well of personal experience that includes three yoga teacher trainings, many hours on the meditation cushion in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Non-Violent Communication and interpersonal neurobiology, mixed with caring and playfulness. He is available for sessions on Wednesdays at Soma Space.

BCST is performed fully clothed on a massage table and employs light touch and resonant language to help clients drop into deep states of relaxation, support and wholeness. There is no pressure applied to the body so it is useful in times of injury, activation or inflammation. BCST is helpful for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, emotional trauma of all kinds, inflammation, auto-immune disorders, insomnia and general discomfort. The biodynamic approach is grounded in something called Primary Respiration, which is the way that the life force expresses a particular breath-like movement through the whole body.

These rhythms, tide-like in nature, show the practitioner the patterns that are held in the body as a result of trauma, injury and difficult life circumstances; they also make the healing decisions that the body is ready for, session by session. Thus the client’s deepest needs for wholeness and well-being are slowly but steadily addressed, in a gentle and powerful way. BCST is recommended as an ongoing therapy-kind of like regularly changing the oil in a car-since it deeply soothes the Central Nervous System, helping to release somato-emotional patterns of stress and shut-down/freeze/dissociation.

Having weekly or bi-weekly sessions for a period of time can completely alter the way a person lives in their body and create a deep sense of well-being. It is also effective as a form of “first aid,” if there is an injury like whiplash, and is an excellent support for pre-and post-surgical procedures.

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