Moving Within & Bringing It Out
~ a Feldenkrais & improvisational movement retreat ~

Jacqueline Rubinstein


Earthdance Retreat Center
Plainfield, Massachusetts

Thursday - Sunday,
October 2 - 5, 2014

BEGINS: Thursday 5pm
ENDS: Sunday 3pm

COST: $375-$475 sliding scale includes lodging ($350 if registered by 12/19/2014)




Embark upon a journey of self-exploration, intriguing discovery, and new movement expression. In this 3-day workshop, Jacqueline guides somatic practitioners and dancers of all types in a series of carefully crafted movement exercises and explorations that lead to powerful, profound changes in your understanding of yourself in movement and opens the door to incredible, new potential.


The Feldenkrais Method® is a form of somatic education that builds kinesthetic awareness through gentle movement and directed attention to increase ease and functionality. The pedagogical strategies of the Feldenkrais Method (attending to oneself slowly, gently, quietly, and playfully) bring out new, liberating movement options for improvisational sensitivity and inner connection.


Using a combination of Feldenkrais exercises and improvisational movement games, you will learn to identify your habits and discover new, spontaneous, and surprising movement options. As a somatic practitioner, you will have a concrete way to lead clients to self-discovery and new possibilities. As a dancer, you will access ways for innovative, creative expression and heightened sensitivity to yourself and others in movement.

Contact Jacqueline with questions: / 971.258.1885

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a women's retreat
Paula Byrne

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Detroit, Oregon

Thursday - Sunday,
October 9 - 12, 2014

BEGINS: Thursday Dinner
ENDS: Sunday Lunch

COST: $250-$300 sliding scale plus lodging ($225 if registered by 9/26/2014)

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging,


Plumbed $364

Non-Plumbed $310

Lodge $241

Dorm $228

To Register: / 503.804.7660

"If I could say with words what my dances are telling, there would be no need to dance them."

Enter the temple of your body. Drop into art-time and soul-space. Embrace your authentic movement. Listen to the whispers of your heart.
DanceQuest offers 4 days of of movement, stillness, music, silence, journaling, ritual, and soul-crafting.
We come together to remember our vision, reclaim our wisdom and rejoice in community.
Using movement as fuel and breath as fire, we burn away what no longer serves.
Engaging intuition and instinct, we connect to a larger self, breaking open a life that has grown too small.

~ If your body is tired of being ignored ~
~ If your heart desires a nurturing circle of women ~
~ If your soul needs reflection and rejuvenation ~
~ If you want to get away, and back to yourself ~

~ the Dance awaits.


Since 1996, Paula Byrne has facilitated conscious movement in Wild Grace™, DanceQuest ™, Soul Motion™ , contact improv, authentic movement, and trance dance. She teaches internationally and is Founder of SomaSpace in Portland, Oregon where she maintains a teaching practice.





Wild Grace™ Retreat

Transformational Dance
Paula Byrne

Breitenbush Hot Springs
Detroit, Oregon

Friday - Monday,
January 16 - 19, 2015

(MLK Holiday)

BEGINS: Friday Dinner
ENDS: Monday Lunch

COST: $250-$300 sliding scale plus lodging ($225 if registered by 12/19/2014)

DEPOSIT: cost of lodging



Plumbed $311

Non-Plumbed $260

Lodge $205

Dorm $196

To Register: / 503.804.7660

I do not understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us."
– Anne Lamott

When we are deeply intrigued by the movement moment, each personal gesture becomes a kinetic prayer. When we open to our authentic expression, our dance is effortless and timeless. When we unite conscious intention with our spontaneous heart, the everyday dance is transformed into ecstatic awareness.

Come! -- Explore movement as a portal into the body, touch as a pathway to essential connection, and community as a mirror of support. Through the expressive arts of dancing, writing, sounding and witnessing, we will embrace all that we are -- and all that we are becoming.

Join catalyst Paula Byrne for a weekend of moving meditations designed to seek the sweet spot where the wildness of Soul and the grace of Spirit unite.


All are welcome.


Paula leads movement workshops nationwide and is Founder of SomaSpace in Portland where she maintains a teaching practice.


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