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“Bring yourself into conscious movement, and you will find that new doorways spontaneously open to unseen possibilities.”

Jacqueline Rubinstein

Director of SomaSpace & Move with Ease

Jacqueline Rubinstein is dedicated to creative, powerful, healing movement that makes you feel good. She has been a catalyst in the Improvisational Dance and Feldenkrais Method scenes since 2004. She is the proud director/owner of SomaSpace: Movement Arts & Healing Center, and Move With Ease, her Chronic Pain & Repetitive Injury Recovery Practice.

She has been dancing since 1994 and fell deeply in love with the innovative and life-affirming world of Improvisational Movement in 2003. Completing a degree in Improvisationally-based Choreography at Wesleyan University gave Jacqueline a strong foundation in teaching creative movement to people with diverse backgrounds. She has led hundreds of creative and somatic movement classes.

After a severe concussion and a pinched nerve, Jacqueline was incredibly blessed to find the Feldenkrais Method. Lost and frustrated after all the traditional Western forms of healing were insufficient, she tried an introductory Feldenkrais workshop on a whim, and she fell in love!

The powerfully gentle and insightful somatic education of the Feldenkrais Method has been an incredible learning journey, leading her to become a practitioner and open her Feldenkrais practice, Move With Ease, in Portland, Oregon in 2011. She also serves as the Outreach Director for the Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Programs.

She specializes in helping folks suffering from chronic pain and repetitive injuries to make foundational changes to their movement patterns creating fundamental, lasting relief and a profound transformation of one’s relationship to self and life. For more information about Move With Ease, please visit: www.FeldenkraisPortland.com

Combining her passions for Improvisational Movement and the Feldenkrais Method, housed in the gorgeous SomaSpace studio, is a dream come true! Balancing the gentle, slow, deeply functional movements of the Feldenkrais Method with the limitless, creative, free-form movements of Improvisational Movement has brought great joy and healing to Jacqueline’s life, and she looks forward to sharing her passion with you through her classes, events, and individual sessions.

To contact Jacqueline: jacqueline@somaspace.us / 971.373.4059

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Audrey Steele

Audrey Steele is a Life Coach and Yoga instructor with a lifetime of experience in dance and performance. She graced the stages of the Bay Area burlesque circuit from 2009-2013 and from there realized her passion for sharing this art form with other women. Audrey is a skilled facilitator who has a gift for welcoming women to the taboos of sexuality and seduction. She creates a fun and dynamic space while keeping it authentic and grounded. She is really committed to every women finding her inner Diva and letting it shine! In the past year Audrey has facilitated several classes for women here at Soma Space including, Intro to Sensual Movement and Burlesque classes and workshops. She is excited to be teaching again and looks forward to future classes with you!

To contact Audrey:
madamsteeleburlesque@gmail.com / www.audreysteele.com

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Carlton Grew

Fifteen years ago, Carlton Grew walked into Scott Kelman’s free introductory improvisation workshop and has never stopped doing the work. Carlton joined the workshop simply for a new, creative experience. Instead, the work led him on a transformational journey.

Originally uninterested in performance, the work led him to perform with The Tuesday Group, the Agnieszka Laska Dancers, and, recently, an autobiographical show entitled “Bag of Hammers.” He is thrilled to have the opportunity to guide others through the same inspiring journey and to share Kelman’s work.

To contact Carlton: nwrain99@yahoo.com

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Janis Marie Fish

Janis Marie Fish, C-IAYTE-RYT50, has a wide range of life experience and training which brings a grounded, real, raw, genuine quality to what she teaches and shares. Her love of learning flows from an attitude of curiosity and wonder, being open to the questions rather than having all the right answers. She has been studying yoga since she was 14, when she stumbled across Lilias Folan on PBS. There was very little access to yoga at the time.

After a long circuitous road into the corporate world, marriage and childbirth, she enrolled in a yoga teacher training with Rama Berch (now Swami Nirmalananda) in San Diego in 1999-2010.  She continues to study with Kaya Mindlin and Chameli Ardagh. Both offer a more feminine approach to the practice of Life and Yoga. She also loves that they have integrated Yoga and Life – there is no separation, this is one of the core teachings, integration.

Janis has been teaching yoga since 2002 and doing Yoga Therapy since 2004. She is a C-IAYT (Certified Yoga Therapist) and an E-RYT500 (Experienced Yoga Teacher) with over 2000 hours of training through, Master Yoga Academy (Svaroopa Yoga), Kaya Mindlin (SRY Yoga), Chameli Ardagh (Awakening Women’s Institute) and a long list of online courses including Sally Kempton, Shakti Malan, and Lisa Schrader.

Janis also hosts and organizes events such as inviting Chameli Ardagh to SomaSpace for the last 3 years. She has also hosted teacher and friend, Kaya Mindlin, at SomaSpace 4 times in the last year, and since 2004 has hosted 30+ events/trainings/workshops.

While Janis was trained as a Svaroopa Yoga Teacher, she is now teaching SRY Yoga, as developed by her teacher Kaya Mindlin. SRY is “Spinal Release Yoga” or “Soma Release Yoga.” It’s the evolution of what she’s been teaching. She offers a one hour complementary phone session for new clients.

Her favorite non-profit is Treesisters. Some of her hobbies include flyball with my pup Baxter (X-Fidos), Sing Portland Choir, MaracatuPDX (playing NE Brazilian music), hiking, dancing, live music. Janis also leads/co-leads Women’s Temple Groups with Sri Sisters Temple Group.

To contact Janis:
embodimentjanis@gmail.com / www.embodimentjanis.com / 503-810-9556

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Ravyn Stanfield

Ravyn Stanfield is an innovative acupuncturist, an inventive author and international educator dedicated to liberating the super powers within each of us. She practices acupuncture in Portland, Oregon with a focus on helping people survive cancer, chronic pain and traumatic experiences. She is the executive director of Acupuncturists Without Borders, a nonprofit organization providing trauma relief in the wake of natural disaster and human conflict.  She uses her background in traditional medicines, neurobiology, psychology, theatre and many forms of creative expression to coax more of the extraordinary into the world through the cracks in Western civilization.

Ravyn is the author of Revolution of the Spirit: Awaken the Healer, a guide to liberate the healing super powers within each of us. Her fiction and essays have appeared in The Rumpus, Manifest Station, and other publications.

Ravyn is an aspiring cultural alchemist, writing to transform the heartbreak of living in our modern world and reveal the gold in what seems worthless. She creates ceremony and ritual art, weaving poetry and music into contemporary offerings of the human imagination. She designs workshops and trainings for emerging leaders and healers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

To contact Ravyn: gerriravynstanfield@gmail.com / www.gerriravynstanfield.com




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Siere Munro

Siere Munro’s class offerings are strongly rooted in her love of somatic movement, coupled with a diversely broad palate for music and an innate joy of creative expression. Her mission is to guide and support people of all backgrounds into embodied, soulful movement experiences.

Her background is a rich tapestry of experience in the healing arts, expressive arts, fitness and dance. She is a graduate of Tamalpa Institute for Expressive Arts, with an emphasis on Somatic Movement Therapy. She is a member of the Nia Technique Teaching Faculty. She trains teachers to teach Nia, Moving to Heal throughout the U.S. and Europe.  Siere teaches Nia, Moving to Heal and Dance as Prayer; a conscious movement exploration and Divine conversation for body and soul.

To contact Siere: siere.munro@nianow.com

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Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

Under the guidance of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the Tergar Meditation Group of Portland holds regular teachings and community events in and around Portland, Oregon. As a community of friends exploring the practice of meditation, we gather regularly to practice, study, and host regular visits by Mingyur Rinpoche. We also offer retreats and seminars on the practice of meditation and the fundamentals of Buddhist practice.

Mingyur Rinpoche’s approach to meditation focuses on the practice of mindfulness, which unlocks the door to a calm mind, compassionate heart and insight into the challenges of day-to-day life. Rinpoche’s teachings emphasize universal principles that are of profound benefit to people of all faiths and belief systems. Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner wanting to deepen your practice, please join us.

To contact Tergar group coordinators, Lyle and Diane McQueen-Smith:
portland@tergar.org / www.tergar.org/portland

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Kaya Mindlin

Kaya Mindlin is a Yoga Therapist and Educator who has been teaching yoga for 18 years. She sees yogic practice and knowledge as a nectar that can nourish the body, mind and heart and is passionate about clearing the rampant distortions in the yoga world that prevent students from truly discovering yoga’s nectar. Kaya teaches dedicated yogis and teachers, weaving the full spectrum of the yoga tradition that comprises her extensive background including Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Bio Mechanics, Sanskrit, and the teachings of the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. She is known for sharing her knowledge with a mothering approach – sternly busting myths to uphold authentic teachings while lovingly guiding others to infuse their lives with the yogic principles in real ways. Kaya’s husband is a Vedic Astrologer, and they often work together to support clients and students. They have two children and currently live in Northern California. Programs with Kaya count as CEUs for yoga teachers.
To contact Kaya: 

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Kim Keller

Kim Keller is a Sex and Intimacy Coach, and has been a student of tantra and yoga herself for more than 12 years. She has studied with numerous western tantra and yoga teachers.  However, her deepest understanding comes from the time spent studying yoga in Tamil Nadu, India. Kim works with all genders and offers private sessions.  

To contact Kim: kim@kimrosekeller.com / www.kimrosekeller.com / 541-326-2007

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Christopher Pike

Christopher Pike is a fitness expert and advocate. He owned a group fitness studio in Davis, CA for six years. His classes are unique because he creates original exercises that are accessible to a wide range of people, especially those that are new to strength training. His background includes a range of exercise disciplines, including ballet and weight lifting. He also holds a PhD in Physics from the University of California. He is an active reader of scientific literature on biomechanics and exercise and integrates relevant research into his exercise classes. An avid learner, Christopher continues to learn about exercises through taking classes in authentic Pilates, adult ballet, TRX, Tango, Qigong, Gyrotonics, and more. Christopher is especially aware of the aches and pains that come with aging and has designed a class to address these issues. These classes are powerful because they stem from his own experience in an aging body combined with the latest in fitness education. His class is designed to maximize health benefits, while respecting the needs of each individual’s body. 

To contact Christopher: crpikeinportland@gmail.com/ 530.757.6656

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Brenda Munson

Brenda Munson has been teaching sensual movement and embodied flow since 2012, awakening bodies to the brilliance of their personal and unique flow. As an S Factor and Liquid Motion teacher, Brenda guides students through the most soulful and intuitive style of dance; opening the female body into full, free, erotic expression. With a deep background in sensual movement, when you take a Liquid Motion® class with Brenda, she will expand your floor work through technical sequences resulting in seamless and natural movement qualities. You’ll learn how to tap into your senses and expand into the natural rhythm of your movement; unleashing the fullness of your authentic body voice.

To contact Brenda:  brendapmunson@gmail.com / www.flowing-feminine.com

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Erika Ryn

 Erika Ryn of Living Ritual is a henna artist, licensed massage therapist, yoga and bellydance instructor, and passionate cacao enthusiast based out of Portland, OR. She has been teaching movement and meditation classes for the last 10 years, and it is both her joy and honor to providing a safe space for humans to find connection, healing, and transformation by finding the meeting place between the silly and the solemn, between vibration and stillness, between the sacred and the profane.

To contact Erika: hierikaryn@gmail.com / http://www.livingritual.com/

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Ryan McLaughlin

Ryan McLaughlin, L.Ac., a practitioner of classical Chinese Medicine, is dedicated to creating individualized treatments that harness and compliment the innate healing wisdom and mechanisms of the body. Utilizing acupuncture, bodywork, cranial sacral, shiatsu, qi gong, herbal medicine and food recommendations, Ryan gently and directly addresses underlying patterns in the body that are contributing to the myriad of symptoms that may bring a person in for care. Ryan is passionate about guiding patients back into deeper connection with their bodies, community and natural world, as they find the trail back to feeling empowered to care for their own health.

Ryan earned a Masters of Science of Oriental Medicine from the National College of Natural Medicine, is certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and is licensed by the Oregon Medical Board. After graduation, she began a residency at the private clinic of Heiner Fruehauf- the founder of the Chinese medicine program at NCNM- where he specializes in chronic parasitism, Lyme disease, autoimmune and digestive disorders, cancer care, and degenerative lung diseases. She continues to practice at his clinic in Corbett, and integrates this training with her body oriented treatments.

Aside from practicing Chinese medicine- Ryan loves to spend her time adventuring amidst the trails, rocks, and mountains of the Pacific Northwest, playing with the flow arts, making medicines, or spending time at home with her dog, goats, and garden.

To contact Ryan: ryan@flourishoflifemedicine.com /  www.flourishoflifemedicine.com

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Mackenzie Amara

Mackenzie Amara is a soul scientist, thought-rebel, & embodiment enthusiast. No stranger to darkness, she gathers strength from years of spelunking in the caves of her own murky shadow. She delights in the intersection between body & mind, relishes paradox, & takes comfort in walking the edge. A student of her body, depth psychology, the Enneagram, & nonduality, she shows an inspired dedication to growth & freedom for all beings. She is a researcher,  writer, & teacher with over a decade of experience in academia & the mental health field. She is a certified 5Rhythms® teacher, holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology, & is currently pursuing an advanced degree in Depth Psychology. She listens deeply, sees clearly, & is unafraid of the dark. Her mission is to bring light to the world by making what is unconscious conscious.

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Matt Shinkai Kane

Matt Shinkai Kane, M.A., is a lead teacher at Blue Cliff Zen Center. He studied Zen in Japan for over seven years and is certified as a senior Zen teacher. Shinkai currently lives in an east-Eugene apartment rather than within a celibate monastic setting. A main interest of his is the on-going dialogue about how to be truly present, alive, and grounded in the busy modern world.

To contact Matt: http://www.bluecliffzen.orgshinkai@bluecliffzen.org

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Lorin Purifoy

Lorin Purifoy, B.A.,  is a vibrational medicine practitioner, licensed massage therapist, owner and formulator of Sacred Ways Apothecary and Purifoy Spirit Essences. Lorin has been in private practice for over 10 years and loves that she can weave her love of ceremony, deep connection to nature and nurturing healing into all that she offers.

She recently spent five years in the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina, where she studied transformational stone medicine alchemy based upon the Jade Purity lineage. This is becoming a foundational aspect to her sessions and healing ceremonies. 2019 is time to begin offering more teaching opportunities around crafting spirit and earth medicine, intuitive guidance and ceremony, so keep a look out for in person and online classes starting this spring.

She’s thrilled to be back home in the Pacific Northwest and looks forward to supporting your healing journey.

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Kristin Lee Amundson-Speer

Kristin Lee Amundson-Speer is a practicing veterinarian with over 22 years of experience, including founding and leading her own innovative, heart-centered clinic for 10 years. Her love of the sacred found in relationship is leading her from a  career as a veterinarian and a lifetime of self-development to a new phase of life with an intentional focus on guiding others on their path. Kristin loves to help others find their own magic in business, partnership, and relationship including, of course, with ones’ beloved animal companions. Using both conventional and esoteric methods, Kristin is gifted in helping her clients transform themselves.

Kristin was called to help other women with the struggles of divorce, after her own journey of transformation –  being married for 16 years ending in divorce. After years filled with exploration of body practices and spiritual growth, Kristin alchemized her own experience into a more potent and creative life – living full out in the way she was meant to. She hopes to help others do the same. Her experience includes Ecstatic Dance Facilitation training with Paula Byrne, Let Animals Lead Reiki 1 & 2 Certification with Kathleen Prasad, as well as learning the practice of Orgasmic Meditation and Kundalini Yoga. She has a natural capacity to hold space and lead groups of people through emotional experiences, always digging for the deepest truth in the kindest way.

Kristin is happily married again to the true love of her life and the man of her dreams. She splits her time between the Columbia Gorge and Portland, OR with her husband and their amazing soul dog. She loves spending time with the people she loves, entertaining deep conversation, exploring the world of taste, practicing Kundalini Yoga and Mantra, and has recently become passionate about playing the gong.

To contact Kristin:
alchemizingdivorce@gmail.com / www.alchemizingdivorce.com

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Chelsea King Martin

When Chelsea King Martin took the strengths finder test and scored highest in the areas of love, curiosity and a love of learning, she realized that her life choices made sense. Consistently seeking connection with the divine, herself, and others has informed how she shows up in her professional work as a Leadership Coach and Organizational Development Consultant and her volunteer work as a publicly elected School Board Member. In the year 2003 she earned her Master’s Degree in Communication Studies, and for the past 16 years her work as an adult educator and her passion for erudition has kept her knowledge bank fresh and deepened her understanding of the human experience. Chelsea specializes in communication processes that feel uncomfortable, such as giving and receiving constructive feedback, and she has cultivated an ability to sit with the discomfort until it dissipates and transforms into compassion for self and others.

Chelsea’s own divorce, which unfolded over a 2 year period and finalized in October 2018, was the most painful and uncomfortable process she has experienced. She moved through the process using bodywork, therapy, recovery, ritual, and community. Now that she is on the other side, she has a desire to accompany others as they do the work of living the discomfort and moving toward compassion for self and others.

Chelsea dedicates herself to learning Spanish and playing the piano because if she’s going to ask her three adolescent children to do so, then she might as well nurture the child within and do them for herself. All of this loving and learning requires a lot of energy, so her dog Willow takes her on walks by the river to remind her to go with the flow and be persistent. She’s always down for a deep conversation, a strong cup of locally roasted coffee, and dark chocolate that is more bitter than sweet.

To contact Chelsea:
alchemizingdivorce@gmail.com / www.alchemizingdivorce.com / www.4cprofessionalcommunication.com

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