Theabroma Cacao

with Erika Ryn

Friday, January 18 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm

A Monthly Women’s Gathering

Theabroma – from the Greek “thea” meaning “goddess” and “brôma” meaning “food”


Cacao – the divine food of the Goddess is and the heart opening inspiration for this monthly gathering of women and femme-identifying folks.


Women have been creating gathering spaces to share, heal, dance, play, create, celebrate and support each other since the dawn of human history. In gathering together, we are reaching back to those ancient times, when women were revered as the bringers of life and the Goddess was held in high regard.


Each month, we will explore a different theme together through dance, guided meditation, sharing, listening, reading, journaling, poetry, or other means of introspection and inspiration.


We will open our evenings with a ceremonial cacao circle. Cacao has been revered by warriors, healers, and shamans for its nourishing, energizing, and healing properties for over 3,000 years. In addition to it’s mystical heart opening qualities, cacao is a nourishing food containing essential minerals such as magnesium, antioxidants, B vitamins, and heart-healthy fats.


Please bring a water bottle, a favorite teacup for cacao, journal, and wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Yoga mats and blankets are provided.


January 18
February 15
March 15
April 19
May 24


6:00pm – 8:00pm
February 15, 6:00pm – 9:00pm


$25-40, sliding scale, each date
Payment will be due in cash or check upon arrival. If you cancel in less than 48 hours or do not show up, you will be charged $25. This does not apply in cases of emergencies.


Space is limited to 17 participants

Women’s Clothing Swap

with Jacqueline Rubinstein

Friday, January 25 @ 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Parking in the A-Boy parking lot is permitted during this offering. A parking permit provided by SomaSpace is required. Please read the parking regulations on our Contact page before arriving.


It’s that time again! Winter Women’s Clothing Swap! Release what is not serving you anymore and bring in new energy with the upcoming season and with a renewed wardrobe!

Join us at SomaSpace for a super fun evening of our women’s clothing swap! Bring a bag of clothes that you’re ready to retire for someone to reuse with new life and find a new wardrobe in return!

This seasonal event is So. Much. Goodness! We will be trading clothes, hanging out, and building community around grown-up dress-up time!

Women of all ages, sizes, walks of life welcome! Trans-women welcome.

Please bring your own bags to carry your new threads home in.

All leftover clothes will be donated to Dress for Success Oregon, an awesome non-profit that offers professional attire and coaching for job interviews for women. They use non-dressy clothes for a tag sale fundraiser, too!

We have reorganized our system to have the clothes laid out by size instead of type ~ hopefully this will make the swap go more smoothly and easier for everyone to find some amazing gems!


Date: Friday, January 25, 2019

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Doors open at 6:45pm.
Swap begins at 7:00pm.

Cost: $10 at the door
(Cash highly preferred. Work trade available – please inquire at

Imaginal Cells

with Mackenzie Amara

Saturday, February 02 @ 10:30am - Sunday, February 03 @ 6:00pm


A 5Rhythms® Dance & Depth Psychology workshop about finding purpose in chaotic times

At the end of its life, the caterpillar, as we all know, undergoes a mind-boggling metamorphosis. Fueled by a deep inner knowing, the caterpillar wraps herself in a thick, silky cocoon to begin the process of transformation to a brand new creature, the butterfly. Shrouded in darkness, totally alone, the cells that were once ‘caterpillar’ melt into a soupy mush and become utterly indistinguishable to what they once were. During this process a handful of very special molecules, called ‘imaginal cells,’ activate and start to call out for one another. The rest of the cell-soup in the cocoon fights against the imaginal cells, but the imaginals grow stronger and band together, and eventually rise up and take over, like a few drops of color in clear water eventually permeate the whole container.

Against all odds, these imaginal cells triumph. Previously dormant and totally unaware of each other, the activated imaginal cells find each other inside the dark mush of the cocoon and work their magic of transforming the darkness into what eventually emerges: a butterfly. It is within the safety of the cocoon, the nourishment of total darkness that they are able to grow strong and catalyze a perfect alchemical transmutation. Astoundingly, the imaginal cells are responsible for a complete cellular transformation: when the butterfly emerges from its cocoon there is not a shred of caterpillar DNA that remains.

In this workshop, you will be invited to explore your own dark insides—the safe, warm cocoon of your own psyche—in order to discover, activate, and strengthen your own imaginal cells. Using 5Rhythms® dance, active imagination, storytelling, metaphor and ritual theatre, you will engage in transforming your own soul. Whether you are the caterpillar, the cocoon, the cell-soup, or the newly expanded butterfly, you will clarify, deepen, and expand your relationship with your body, heart, mind, and soul, with the intention of emerging from the 2-day journey feeling activated, moved, and in touch with a greater sense of purpose.

We are living in challenging, beautiful times. The world needs you. Won’t you answer the call?



Saturday, February 2 – Sunday, February 3



10:30am – 6:00pm, both days




Early Bird rate: $160 before January 11

Work trade opportunities available


To Register and for more info: /


Sweat Your Prayers

with Mackenzie Amara

Sunday, February 03 @ 10:30am - 12:30pm

$10 – $12

Sweat Your Prayers (TM) is the movement mass of the 5Rhythms® dance practice. It is our place to practice, pray, play, and relish the (im)perfection of all that moves. Quite simply, we dance our truth with attention, awareness, and a deep dedication to freedom. It is a safe place for ecstatic expression, emotional release, authentic intimacy, and heartfelt wildness. There are no steps to learn & it requires no previous experience. In this space, you can move truthfully knowing you are held with clarity & compassion. Bring water, dress to sweat, no gum on the dance floor.

This event is part of the Imaginal Cells workshop.  It is open to the public, and included for workshop participants.



Sunday, February 3


10:30am – 12:30pm


$10-12, sliding scale

Cash at the door or paypal:

To Register:  drop in, or email:

Yoga Resolution!

with Kaya Mindlin

Sunday, February 10 @ 9:30am - 5:30pm


Bringing the Bliss of Yoga into All of Life

Yoga is not meant to give you something you are missing, but to resolve what is blocking you from your Self. In this program we clear the inner pathways to bliss, joy, peace and yogic living.

Yoga Therapist and Educator Kaya Mindlin guides yogis through a profoundly blissful yoga practice for releasing the whole spine. This program emphasizes passive and active release of the chronically contracted psoas muscle!  Gain the keys to living a truly yogic life in every moment.  Practice will be woven with teachings about the principle of Ganesha as the remover of obstacles the three sources of influence over our lives from the doctrine of karma.

In Yoga Resolution we explore:

~Gentle but deep Spinal Release Yoga

~Tailbone Release to discover security & satisfaction

~Amazing Psoas Release to integrate yoga into life

~The Ganapati Principle

~Teachings about the Three Sources of Karma

~Yoga Nidra Relaxation

This program is perfect for dedicated practitioners of yoga {including teachers} who are interested in a path and practice that is not about strive and stretch but rather about a blissful process of softening, opening, resolving and discovery.


Sunday, February 10


9:30am – 5:30pm



Early Bird Rate: $108 by January 10

To Register:


Winter Zen Jinshin Workshop

with Matt Shinkai Kane

Friday, February 22 @ 6:00pm - 8:00pm


Zen Jinshin is an energy practice that releases tension and blockages in the energy meridians of the body and harmonizes their flow. Many energy lines run through your body and each supplies its area with the necessary energy and vitality. These meridians connect to your organs too and facilitate the transfer of energy between them. Each organ is closely associated with certain emotions so that, for example, aiding and releasing tension in the kidney and bladder channels helps you to release fear and lack of motivation while bringing more courage, inner strength, will power, and grounded-ness into your life (signs of strong, healthy kidneys/bladder). The kidneys and bladder are traditionally seen as the organs of the winter time.

Resistance in the meridian lines affects our health and well-being and can lead to illness over time if they stay blocked. Freeing these blockages makes us feel lighter, healthier, and happier.

Shinkai learned this practice from one of his teachers while living at Gyokuryuji Temple in Japan. It is based on the East Asian energy meridian system and has been used in one form or another at Zen temples for hundreds of years. Although helpful across the board, it is especially effective for people with an ongoing yoga or meditation practice. Opening your meridian lines lets you go deeper with your yoga/meditation practice. It’s extremely good at freeing up un-dealt with feelings, physical tensions, and memories that lie beneath the surface of conscious awareness.

What you’ll get out of the workshop:
-a solid foundation in what Zen Jinshin is
-practice using the flow sequences to release the kidneys and bladder lines
-direction with continuing this Zen Jinshin sequence at home as a meditation practice



Friday, February 22


6:00pm – 8:00pm


$25 cash or Paypal

Contact if this is a barrier to entry for you

To Register & Paypal:

For more information: