Release Ceremony with Sound Healing

with Marissa Leigh

Friday, September 28 @ 7:00pm - 8:45pm


What is no longer serving you that you wish to release and be free of?…

We all experience fear, anxiety, destructive thought patterns, physical pain, judgement, clinging, anger and other energies that are challenging to hold. While these are all very human experiences, many of us are not practiced at allowing these things to be fully present and then to move through us and be released. Holding on to these energies can keep us feeling separate and unable to show up in the world and connect in the way we truly long to.

We will begin by creating a sacred alter together. You are encouraged to bring items that represent that which you wish to be free of or that which you wish to call in to place on the alter.

We will write out intentions of what we wish to let go of and hold them close during the sound bath and burn them together in our sacred fire afterwards to release them.

You are invited to bring with you all of the energies you wish to release and to lie down and relax your body and surrender your being as the sounds and vibrations of eight crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums, rattles and songs wash over you. The medicine of the bowls is grounding and clearing, helping to quiet our minds and open our hearts.

In this space of relaxation and openness we are able to let things flow and move through us and to release the things that no longer serves us. This moves us closer to the freedom our hearts long for.

*Bring a camping mat, sleeping bag or other cushy things to lie on to be able to relax as much as possible on the lovely hardwood floor. Extra blankets and pillows will be available too!


Friday, September 28


7:00pm – 8:45pm



To Register:

*Doors will open at 6:45 PM, please arrive by 6:55 PM to allow yourself time to settle in.

*The doors will be locked at 7:00 PM to maintain our sacred space so please plan to arrive before that.*

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The ART of Being Human

with Ryel Kestano

Saturday, September 29 @ 10:00am - Sunday, September 30 @ 8:00pm
10:00am - 8:00pm both days


Level 1

Imagine getting to know yourself in profoundly new ways through the eyes of others.

Imagine being yourself and speaking your truth at any moment in your life.

Imagine being an agent for more meaningful and conscious relationships.

Imagine being comfortable and having grace under fire in times of discomfort, conflict, or stress.

Imagine having the power to lead any relationship towards a greater understanding of one another, deeper connection and more intimacy.

Imagine creating relationships that are resilient and designed to last.

WELCOME TO THE MOST CUTTING-EDGE RELATIONAL TRAINING IN THE WORLD: ART International’s Authentic Relating Weekend Course – The ART of Being Human: Level 1

* * *

The unique transformational power of this course lies within the activation and deepening of your relational capacities. We’ve designed this course to give you the experience of profound connection, intimacy, trust, and aliveness with anyone you want, anytime, anywhere – all within just two days.

We put strong emphasis on practical and embodied learning and experience so that you can apply these new skills and ways of relating to others straight away with immediate results.

Our expert facilitators are highly qualified in this art and bring years of experience teaching authentic relating. Our curriculum designers have found and created the most innovative and effective relational practices available to deliver a life-changing experience that deepens with practice.

Our vision is to co-create a more enlivened, awakened, and authentic world through connection. We believe that we all have the capacity to be bridges for these connections; bridges between parts of ourselves, ourselves with others, and between different communities around the world.

The course’s mission is to build bridges globally, and use these bridges to illuminate the unknown, to reveal the hidden, to heal, to connect, and to build a more authentic world in which we are all welcome and celebrated for exactly who we are.

* * *

During this course we teach you and have you practice authentic relating skills that work, and work every time, with everyone, everywhere. All you need to do after this course is practice the tools we give you and, in time, you will become an authentic relating master. We believe this with all our hearts, and have seen it proven again and again.

* * *

As ART Level 1 graduate, you will leave the training with:

– The ability to engage in deep, soulful conversations with anyone, anytime, anywhere
– A powerful skill-set to reveal your authentic experience in real time
– A complete set of tools to de-escalate conflict and to use conflict as a vehicle leading to deeper connection, understanding, and empathy
– The ability to set powerful context personally and collectively, and a clear understanding of how influential context is in shaping our relationships and connections
– The ability to identify and communicate your true, core desires
– The dignity of finding your voice and speaking your truth into the listening of others
– The humility of listening beyond the words and being fully present to the experience of others
– The ability to see and reflect others in their essence
– The ability to create a space where others can be fully and completely themselves – one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other
– A restored connection to childlike curiosity, discovering the world with awe and wonder
– An experience of profoundly vulnerable, intimate connections out of which possible new friendships emerge


Saturday and Sunday, September 29 – 30


10:00am – 8:00pm, both days


$295 (online registration only)

To Register:

*Must register in advance (no walk-ins)

About ART International

We are united in our commitment to leveraging all of our respective skills, passions, and purpose to bring about a more awakened, enlivened, conscious world. Our facilitators have spent many years accumulating a wealth and depth of experience to produce some of the most powerful and effective authentic relating trainings in the world.

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Kali Ma: A Journey through the Dark Goddess

with Chameli Ardagh

Friday, October 05 @ 6:00pm - Sunday, October 07 @ 4:00pm


Goddess Kali Ma is the embodiment of the terrifyingly beautiful life/death cycle. She is not only physical death waiting for you there at the very end; she is the shedding of outgrown patterns and strategies. She is the relaxation of the grasping and the pushing; she is the one dancing fiercely in the ashes of all that no longer serves you.

In her ruthless kindness Kali feasts on the safety nets you cling to, just so you can know the inseparable totality you are made of.

Kali sets you free.

Kali Ma, splendorous mother of truth,

tear out the heaps of replica spiritual plastic

cluttering the cathedral of my Being.

Wash away these masks gone stale and drench me in the rain of the real.

My soul is nauseous from binging on the fancy drinks offered on every street corner, 

in my denial of what I am made of, I have been turning my back on
the nectar of you gushing through my veins.

In my fear of you I have kept my breath shallow;
I have kept my ecstasies under control, 

my intimacies safe. I’ve tried the route of fixing myself,
or spiritualizing myself, 

of trying to build up a more “goddessy”,
“juicy” “shaktified” version
of this little soap opera I have taken myself to be.

Undress me Ma, how exhausted I am trying to make these hand-me-down clothes fit.

Make a glorious bonfire of it all,

and let me walk naked, like you, into the risk of being.

One day your body will surrender into this cosmic compost pile that sustains us all, and Kali will, in her breathtaking devotion to life, devour you. Although her appearance may look frightening, Kali is the kindest Goddess of them all. She does not let you pretend, and she laughs at you when you insist on trying to get love from the outside; she wants you to recognize the incomprehensible power you are made of. If you trust her she will show you a love that never leaves. When you enter a sadhana/spiritual practice intensive with Kali Ma, you open into a deep intimacy with the creative cycle of birthing and dying; which is ultimately a realignment with the essence of who you are.

About the Practice

First of all: we go deep. We don’t sit around and only “talk about it”; we’re all about direct experience. This is a highly experiential path; a lot of the practices are interactive and include movement, expression and also respectful touch. There will be talks and Q&A with Chameli, as well as Women’s Temple practices.

The basis for all spiritual exploration in the Shakti tradition is the insight that that which we are longing for is who we already are. Thus our practice is not toward a goal of attainment in the future; it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman.

Who is this retreat for?

In order to benefit from this retreat, you need to come prepared to dive fully into the practices, and it is best if you have a basic understanding of feminine/embodied spiritual practice.

Although there are plenty of breaks to rest and integrate, the Shakti-based embodiment practices can open stronger currents of energy in the body than we are used to.

We do not spend much time discussing awakening in theoretical matters; we go deep into direct experience through practice.

These are not therapeutic programs. If you are in any way feeling unstable psychologically or are going through a severe crisis, we ask you to not join this event.

One of our core practices involves respectful touch. Your boundaries will of course always be respected, but if you feel a strong resistance to touch, this retreat is probably not for you. We practice respectful touch a lot in our circle to bring presence into our bodies and cultivate the capacity to allow more life energy to flow through us.

Dates: Friday, October 5 – Sunday, October 7

Times: Friday: 6:00pm – 8:30 p.m.

Saturday 9:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Full price ~ $397

Early bird ~ $297  (if paid by end of day August 1st, 2018)

To Register:

For more info and questions: 503-810-9556

If you need to cancel for any reason, we retain $75 as an administrative fee. There will be no refunds starting 21 days before the retreat.

Price does not include food or lodging. Lodging & transportation helpful hints

Womb Awakening Ceremony

with Marissa Leigh

Saturday, October 13 @ 6:00pm - 9:00pm

$50 – $70

Join us for an evening of sisterhood and ceremony as we gather to share a sacred womb healing ritual and blessing. This will be a process of connection, purification and awakening using gentle yet powerful healing methods, led by Marissa Leigh, sound healer, Reiki Master-Teacher and sacred ceremony-holder.

Our womb is a place of power, gifting us the ability to create all manner of life. The possibilities of what we can create and birth are limitless when we are connected with this sacred place. Many of us have not noticed this part of ourselves all that much outside of our monthly cycles. However it is always engaged in a sacred cycle of death and rebirth which flows out into the rest of our lives.

Energetically speaking, our root chakra, the energy center associated with our womb space is directly connected with our sense of our right to be here, our feelings of security and stability, our ability to provide for ourselves financially. Many women have energetic blocks in their root chakra and struggle with some of these, causing an even greater disconnection from themselves and their power.

When we bring awareness and healing to our womb space we can reconnect with our own limitless creativity and pleasure. We can deepen our connection to our intuition and our body’s natural rhythms and our connection with the divine inside of us. Strengthening our relationship to our womb and its cycles brings us towards healing the deep wounds of the divine feminine.


*Talking circle in a safe space to share anything about your relationship to your womb, beliefs you hold about this part of yourself and your past experiences
*Guided meditations to connect in with your womb space
*Group altar creation
*Cacao ceremony
*Hands-on energy healing to assist in releasing any stuck energy in your womb
*Womb blessing ritual and release ceremony
*Crystal singing bowl sound bath to process and release
*Space to journal or create art
*Song circle and learning sacred songs
*Space to connect with other womb sisters


This is a healing ceremony for anyone who possesses or has possessed a womb and who wants to deepen their connection to this sacred space while reclaiming its vibrant power. This may be especially supportive to those who have experienced sexual trauma, abortion, miscarriage, childbirth trauma, fertility struggles, irregular monthly cycles, disconnection to this part of your body or your sexuality or any difficulty relating to your womb, creative energy or power.


*Dress comfortably in layered clothing
*A journal or any art supplies you might like to use (some will also be provided)
*Any items you would like to place on the womb altar we will be creating
*Water bottle



Saturday, October 13


6:00pm – 9:00pm


Sliding scale -$50-$70

To register:

***Please note, you must register in advance for this event, tickets will not be available at the door***

For more info:

Tending the Heart

with Larisa Noonan & Shauna Janz

Sunday, October 14 @ 10:00am - 4:00pm


A Grief Ritual

Let’s gather as a village for an afternoon of exploring the healing power of community grief ritual, facilitated by Shauna Janz and Larisa Noonan.

During this day long grief ritual, we will explore the soulful necessity of being in touch with our pain, whether it be grief for personal loss or the cultural wounding so prevalent in our times (racism, colonialism, environmental destruction etc). Within the ritual container of community, we will tend our grief as a way to fuel our continued vitality. All forms of grief are welcomed here.

Why grieving in community is necessary.

We live in a Western capitalist society that applauds rugged individualism and strongly dictates that grief is a personal pathology, an individual problem, and that it be done in isolation. It is easy to feel shame in the midst of cultural story-lines that tell us to always be strong, be in control, and to hurry up. We may feel like a burden if we tell our stories to another.

Yet, we evolved in small communities – living a village life.

We can all trace our family lineages back to this reality. And, in our bodies, heart and spirit, we remember this. And in our bodies, heart and spirit we still expect that the community will be there for us to care for us in times of pain.

In fact, grief was often seen as a necessary part of keeping the community healthy and balanced. Praise and gratitude were given to the griever for doing such important work on behalf of the community!

Grief needs ritual and community to be released and transformed.

Bringing grief back into “a village setting” is a form of soul activism – a form of deep resistance to the disconnected way our culture has conditioned us to live.

What will happen during the ritual?

The day will consist of Council practice, personal reflection through writing, small group sharing, song, and a collective grief ritual around the community altar. The structure of this offering draws from the wisdom and lessons learned from grief ritual practitioners Francis Weller, the late Sobonfu Somé, and Daniel Foor.

Materials: journal, pen, sacred objects, pictures or momentos to contribute to the collective altar, any percussive instruments (djembe, hand drums, shakers etc) to contribute to the ritual and singing.

Note: we strongly encourage anyone who is in the depths of grief from a recent loss to also ensure that they are receiving support from friends, family and/or a counselor. This ritual is a beautiful addition to other ongoing support. If you have any questions, please contact us.

We are grateful to be offering this event on the ancestral lands of the Chinook people, the Multnomah and Clackamus tribes.


Saturday, October 14


10:00am – 4:00pm


$125* in full or two payments of $65

 *Some sliding scale spots are available, please inquire if needed. Spaces are limited – payment required to confirm attendance.

Soul Space

with Jennifer Alyse

Friday, October 19 @ 7:00pm - 9:00pm

$20 – $30

Get creative. 

Go beyond your comfort zone. 

Step into your aliveness. 

Awaken your greatness.

Welcome to SOUL SPACE, a monthly creative immersion for listening to your heart’s longings, a place where you get to quiet the noise of outward pressures and listen to your inner wisdom.

Soul Space is an opportunity for people who are burnt out, craving creativity, and longing for connection to gather with other brave seekers for an experience of inspiration, play and reconnection to their spirit.

Let’s journey together from the head to the heart. 

We awaken our aliveness through spontaneous movement, journal writing, creative visualization, art-making and ignited conversation as a creative roadmap leading the way back to your soul.

Come as you are. ALL welcome.

“People say that what we’re all seeking is the meaning of life…
I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, 
so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our innermost being and reality, 
so that we can actually feel the rapture of being alive.” ~Joseph Campbell


Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday, October 19, 2018




$20 pre-registration

$30 at the door

To Register:

*Accepted payment type: cash or credit card

*online registration preferred


*With a commitment to supporting our community, a percentage of proceeds will directly benefit P:ear. To learn more about this Portland based organization, visit:

Menarche Rite of Passage Ceremony

with Ashlie Hempstead

Saturday, October 20 @ 2:00pm - 5:00pm
3 Ceremony Series: October 20, November 17, December 15


A Coming of age mother-daughter gathering to celebrate the first moon cycle and initiation into womanhood.

Each gathering will build on the previous.

The first deals with general anatomy information and we will discuss how our bodies are part of the natural world.

The second will delve into the cycle of menstruation with alignment from other natural cycles.

The last will look at energy centers, building an altar, and discussion around moving forward with individual celebration ideas.

Each gathering includes drumming, singing, crafting and circle time.

Please wear comfortable clothing, this is a sacred yet casual event. We will be sitting on the floor but have back-jacks, pillows and chairs available for your comfort.

Light snacks and tea provided.

Girls must attend with their mothers (or female guardian).

Space is limited to 12 mother-daughter couples. 



Saturdays, October 20, November 17, December 15



2:00pm – 5:00pm



$310 for the series

Payment can be made in full ($310) or 3 pre-dated checks ($103.33 each).

Checks, venmo or cash accepted. Payment and registration holds your spot.


To Register and for more info: