Divined Art
Cocreated with and from my soul

Brenda Carolan

This art showcase is inspired by my journey back to myself as the sacred feminine, and beyond. My medicine is your medicine. As I heal, you heal.

My expression comes from my intuition, my ability to feel energy and easily access the soul. I blend the tangible with the intangible. By touching the paints, the brushes, the canvas, it evokes intuitive responses and impulses, a way of remembering.

I engage with the unique energy present at the moment of creation, and allow it to unfold organically. My passion is the search for truth, the energetic pull of beauty, the soul made visible.

For me, painting is direct communication with the unseen. An invocation to cosmic forces and beings that inhabit multidimensional realms. The multiplicity of energy and spirit takes shape and assembles into vibrational forms.

Vibrant healing energy is harnessed and channeled into the images. They alchemically shift and heal the energy field of the viewer. They are medicine for the soul.

Brenda Carolan has been a healer, alchemist, and artist for the past 2 decades. She lives and loves from the soul. To learn more about Brenda and contact her: Denderahhealingarts.com