Welcome to our newest practitioner!

Eliana Miranda, MPH

Multidimensional Wellness

Eliana Miranda, MPH,  is a certified health and wellness coach, lifestyle medicine coach, yoga teacher and energy worker. Her study of health began at a young age when she was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease, and has since devoted her life to understanding the dynamic relationship between the mind, body and soul. By immersing herself in various avenues of healing, she cultivates a practice that ebbs and flows with the cyclical patterns of our modern day life. She has come to understand that optimal well-being is achieved by working with the many different aspects of being human, and isn’t subject to simply being free of disease.

With a master’s degree in health promotion and behavioral sciences, an in-depth study of ancient Ayurvedic lifestyle treatments, and an unwavering devotion to teach, learn, and connect with others, Eliana is committed to empowering her clients to be their best selves so they can live their very best lives.

Eliana offers Multidimensional Wellness Sessions: weaving her practice and study with the client’s own goals to create a unique experience that supports their future.

This work is for anyone feeling disconnected, and looking for some intuitive guidance to rediscover their own power to make change…

To feel better in the body: have more energy, feel lighter, or simply come into relation with their physical frame.

To feel freer in the mind: experiencing true happiness, passion, and zest for life.

To understand the greater picture. To define questions, understand why’s, and come into awareness of the greater purpose.

If it is one of these things, or all of these things, this work can help to connect the dots.

In person appointments on Mondays.
Virtual appointments available Tuesday- Friday.

*Free 30 minute consultations available*

To learn more about Eliana’s offerings and to schedule an appointment: https://somaspace.us/practitioners/#eliana-miranda